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Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Sensor

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Phoenix Sensors pool wireless pressure sensor has been designed for residential and commercial pools to monitor the systems pool pumps pressure and temperature which saves you time and money.  Our bluetooth wireless sensor solution simply plugs into the top of your pool filter and the sensor does the rest.  It is a self-powered pool wireless pressure sensor system that communicates via bluetooth to your Smartphone to notify you when your pool needs maintenance.  It can be set up to notify you when there is a problem with your pool.

If the pool filters need cleaning, the system is running dry, or if the system is running at a pressure level that is not optimized for your motor, pump, or filtration system.  When your filter is new the pounds of pressure per square inch (psi) shown on the filter’s pressure gauge probably reads somewhere around 8 to 25 psi, depending on your pool and plumbing set up.  As the filter does its job and filters, the debris in the water accumulates in the filter, the filter slowly gets clogged with debris and the pressure rises.  When the pressure rises by 25-50% over your starting pressure it’s time to clean out the debris that has been collected by the filter so you have room to catch any new debris that enters the pool (see Filter Maintenance).  Failure to keep the pressure in the normal range can greatly reduce your water flow, resulting in cloudy water, poor circulation and excessive wear on the pool equipment.  The current pool wireless pressure sensor design can measure up to 100PSIA.  By request, the software can display in multiple different pressure (KPa, ATM, or Bar).

Simply download the Phoenix Sensors application from the Android Store (or the link to the right) and connect to the device.  The sensor will wake-up with any kind of vibration and will shut down automatically when it is not in use to preserve the lithium-ion battery life.  This wireless pressure sensor’s auto shut-off feature allows the system to last for up to 3 years in continuous use.

Pool Wireless Pressure Sensor Specifications
  • -10-75 PSIA Range
  • -20-80°C Operating Temperature
  • Compact Size
  • +- 1 PSI Accuracy
  • BLE Wireless Communication (IOS)
  • Absolute or Gage
  • Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas
  • IP67
  • Download Free IOS application
  • Battery Powered
  • Auto Shut-off feature
  • 1 year warranty


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