PTS22 Stack Flue Temperature Sensor



The PTS22 Stack Flue temperature sensor was specifically designed for temperature applications in residential and commercial spas, pools, and solar systems.  The overmolded glass encapsulated NTC  embedded in a stainless steel housing allows for protection against water ingress that cause traditional temperature sensors to fail.  The low cost semi-automated united states manufacturing process allows for a cost effective solution.

Stack Flue Temperature Sensor  (PTS22) – Pool Temperature Sensor Specifications

  •   -40-260°C Operating Temperature
  •  Temperature Sensor – .1C Resolution
  • Accuracy – +-1C (FS)
  • Stainless Steel NTC probe
  •  IP67
  •  Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas

  •  Pools
  •  HVAC
  • Solar Systems
  • Hot Water Boiler
  •  Heat Exchanger


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