PPT 83Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of pressure transducers like the PPT83 series. The PPT 83 is an analog pressure transducer manufactured for a high operating temperature range for the most challenging of applications. The unique design allows for pressure measurement of the media with fast response time. This silicon pressure transducer was designed for industrial and commercial applications. The stainless steel design and analog component selection allows the sensor to be used in a variety of applications.

The PPT 83 series utilizes MEMS piezo resistive sensors pressurized on the passive backside of the SS housing which has superior long term stability and accuracy 25 Linearity).

The design is simple, cost effective, and proves reliable for OEM customers Please contact us for Custom design availability.

Digital Pressure Sensor Specifications

  •   High Pressure (100-15k psi)
  •   Media Isolated –SS316
  •   Low-Profile
  •   5 ms Response Time
  •   1% Total Error Band Pressure
  •   Analog Output
  •  IP65 (IP67 option)
  •  Media – Harsh Liquid, Air & Gas



  • Mil/Aero
  • Industrial Automation
  • HVAC
  • Automotive Engine
  • Compressor
  • Pneumatic

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