The PTS32 miniature temperature pipe sensor is designed for outdoor temperature measurement of pipe media.  Coupling the sensor to the pipe ensures faster response time and a more accurate temperature measurement of the media within the pipe.  The clip-on style glass encapsulated NTC allows for additional protection against water ingress.  The low cost automated manufacturing process allows for a cost effective solution. Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of temperature sensors like the PTS32 series.

Miniature temperature pipe sensor

PTS32 Miniature Temperature Pipe Sensor Specifications

  • -50-150°C Operating Temperature
  •  Temperature Sensor - .1C Resolution
  •  Ring Lug NTC probe
  •  IP65
  • Media –Air, & Gas

PTS32 Miniature Temperature Pipe Sensor Specifications

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • HVAC
  • Semiconductor
  • Liquid /Gas Chromotagraphy
  • Commercial Ovens



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