The WEPS03 is a Bluetooth or 900Mhz wireless pressure sensor manufactured for simple measurements on a variety of applications.  This silicon pressure sensor  was designed to supply an economical solution for industrial, consumer, and commercial applications.

Simply download the Phoenix Sensors BLE application from our website and connect to the device.  Or have full connectivity through the web by purchasing the 900Mhz option and the PS9W (WIFI) unit.  The sensor will shut down automatically when it is not in use to preserve the battery.  The battery version will last up 2 years in continuous (1 measurement/60 sec) use.  Please  contact us for Custom design availability.

The Mobile Software enables see the data (via BLE or 900Mhz) the immediately and the Online backend allows users to store data for months or even years for evaluation later.  Update rates can range from once a second to once every day.



  •  Low Pressure Wireless
  •  -20-85°C Operating Temperature
  •  Compact Size
  •  Total Error Band 1%
  •  BLE  & 900Mhz Wireless Communication
  •   3”H20- 300PSI pressure ranges
  •  Absolute, Gauge, Vacuum
  •  Media – Air,  High Humidity, & Gas
  •  IP55 (IP65 available)
  •  200-350 Ft wireless range


  •  Consumer products
  •  Industrial Automation
  •  HVAC
  •  Pool Pumps
  •  Compressor
  •  Pneumatics