PSIL20 Linear Sensor

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Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of position sensors such as the PSIL20 series. The PSIL20 is a non-contact linear sensor manufactured for industrial applications requiring long term stability in a harsh environment.  This patented inductive technology allows customization for specific applications that may require small objects to measure. The potted plastic design is made for higher temperature applications where dust, humidity, and/or grease might be an issue.

The PSIL20 sensor is easy to use, install, and flexible in the use of various sensing cores to meet customers requirements.

The  design is simple, cost effective, and proves reliable for OEM customers.  Please  contact us for Custom design availability.

PSIL20 Linear Sensor Specifications

  •  Industrial Inductive Linear Sensor
  •   Non-Contact technology
  •   0-2” Travel
  •  -20-80°C Operating Temperature
  •  +-.5% Repeatability FS
  •  Analog Output (2-10V)
  •  IP67
  •  Customizable Stroke
  •  +-3% accuracy

PSIL20 Linear Sensor Applications

  •  Industrial Automation
  •  Money Dispensing Equipment
  •  Automotive
  •  Medical Device
  •  Aerospace