sensor applications

Phoenix Sensors focus on sensor applications that our competitors can’t resolve.  Our custom solutions include pressure sensor applications, temperature sensors, liquid-level, flow-sensors, and a variety of other sensing technologies (position, humidity, and liquid-level) where our engineering team has significant experience.  Our application engineering teams have experience with semiconductor, industrial, automotive, and consumer applications that is invaluable when selecting the best solution for the customers sensor applications.

Our wireless (bluetooth, Wifi, etc.) engineering team helps our customers reduce time during installation, trouble-shooting, and data gathering.  The mobile application experience helps companies reduce their overall spend on data acquisition equipment, while allowing their engineers to be more productive.  Storing sensor data on-board allows for analysis after a given event.  We work with OEMs to develop reliable solutions to improve productivity in manufacturing and every day lives.

Sensor Applications

General Industry

Pool-FIN Valve Positioners use pressure and position sensor feedback to provide optimal valve performance. The PPT100 small pressure transducer size with a quick disconnect connector provides a simple solution for a variety of general industrial applications. Spas and residential pools use Temperature and Pressure sensors to provide feedback to end-user.

Phoenix Sensor’s sensor applications include:

  • Irrigation pressure and temperature measurement
  • Water pressure for residential and commercial buildings
  • Valve pressure feedback for flow measurement
  • HVAC system pressure for superheat measurements

Oil and Gas

OilWell The Oil and Gas industry uses High Temperature Pressure sensors for drilling and down-hole applications. Measuring flow with our differential PPT80 High Temperature Pressure sensor allows for precise flow measurement of gas and oil processes. The PPT70 small high pressure (7500 PSI) and high temperature (175C) transducer design measures oil-based muds for drilling processes in the oil and gas industry.

Hydraulic Fracturing utilizes high temperature (175 C) pressure sensors for the pumping process, where reliability and accuracy are critical to the mission. Phoenix Sensor’s unique temperature compensation technology allows a competitive edge for oil and gas OEM customers.


The automotive industry uses pressure sensors for filter monitoring on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) catalytic converters, engine oil pressure, back pressure in the exhaust systems, Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP), tire pressure monitoring (TPM), electronic braking system, and many other applications. The PPT70 small size, high pressure (7500 PSI), and high temperature (175C) transducer design measures a variety of difficult automotive applications in both racing and standard car/truck applications.

Phoenix Sensor’s sensor applications include:

  • Hydraulic Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • High Vibration applications
  • Fuel Filter differential pressure applications (filters)

Life Sciences

LifeSciences-FIN Precision Pressure and temperature sensors are used on Gas Chromotography (GC) and Liquid Chromotography (LC) equipment to provide the most accurate results for the end customer. Phoenix Sensor’s wet-wet PPS60 board level pressure sensor solution has enabled GC and LC manufacturers a smaller less expensive solution for a critical applcation in the industry.

Accurate Temperature sensors provide feedback on laboratory thermal cycling equipment. Our miniature waterproof temperature (NTC & Thermocouple) sensors are used for preclinical and clinical equipment. The small diameter (.025″) temperature sensors reach the most difficult locations on equipment.

Phoenix Sensor’s applications include:

  • Fuel Cell applications
  • RF ablation temperature monitoring
  • Downhole Oil applications
  • Water pressure for residential/commercial buildings
  • Differential Air pressure across catalytic converters