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Phoenix Sensors LLC offers engineered custom sensors for pressure, temperature, wireless sensors, and humidity sensors for OEM customers.. Time frame from concept to prototypes can be as little as 8-weeks.

Phoenix sensor US based engineers help develop the specific sensor solution for your needs.  We have Software Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Project Managers who support the development process from the prototype stage to mass production.  Since all of our engineering, and manufacturing are done in Arizona, the development process is smooth for the customer and the custom sensor designs are optimized in the shortest time possible.

Our engineering team develops complete sensor solutions that include the Mobile Software and firmware applications for WiFi and Bluetooth protocols.  In addition to the software portion of the application, we develop the specific sensor solution that best meets your application.  Whether you need a low-cost inaccurate pressure sensor solution, or a high-end .1% total error band temperature sensor solution that is extremely small in size, we have the experience to provide the best solution for your OEM requirements.

Custom Sensor Examples

  • Wireless Pressure Sensors
  • Custom Temperature Sensor
  • Custom Pressure Sensors
  • Custom Wireless Sensors
  • Liquid Level Pressure Transducers
  • Wireless Temperature Sensors
  • Wireless Combination Sensors
  • High Temperature (175-200C) Sensor Applications
  • High Volume, low-cost designs available.