PPS40 Digital Pressure Sensor

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The PPS40 is an amplified digital pressure sensor in a compact 8-pin package. This silicon pressure sensor  was designed for  accurate pressure applications.  The PPS40 utilizes a 14-bit A2D programmable ASIC to enable high accuracy applications, while still providing superior update rates (1ms).  The thin design allows OEMs to design a low profile (<5.2mm) end product.

The PPS40 digital pressure sensor series utilizes MEMS piezo-resistive sensors pressurized on the passive backside of the pressure die and is isolated from the substrate with an RTV for long term stability and accuracy.  The ceramic substrate also enables higher accuracy and long term stability.

Please  contact the factory for Custom design availability. Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of pressure sensors like the PPS40 series.

Digital Pressure Sensor Specifications

  • Absolute/Gauge Pressure Sensor
  • Temperature Measurement
  • -20°C – 85°C Operating Temperature
  • Compact Size – 8 Pin DIP
  • ± 0.25% Linearity FS
  • 14 Bit Digital Output – SPI/I2C
  • Pressure Range: 3-300 PSI
  • Resolution: .01 %
  • Accuracy: ± .5 %  (includes-Hysteresis, NL, TC)

Digital Pressure Sensor Applicationsminiature pressure sensors

  • Flow Meters
  • Gas chromatography
  • HVAC
  • Pneumatic Controls
  • Aviation
  • Medical Equipment