PPS90 Differential Pressure Sensor

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Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of pressure transducers like the PPS90 series. The PPS90 is a differential pressure sensor in a media isolated package. Made with a sturdy Stainless Steel body, the PPS90 ensures safe industrial differential pressure measurement. With quality in mind, the PPS90 offers excellent stability, reliability, and replaceability in a variety of industrial applications.

Pressure that is measured is transmitted on to the die through the diaphragm and carefully measured with silicon oil, ensuring precise readings. The PPS90 also offers a very fast response time of 1 ms. Please contact Phoenix Sensors for any inquiries. Learn more about the various pressure sensors manufactured by Phoenix Sensors.


  • Differential Pressure Sensor
  • Constant Current/Voltage Power Supply
  • -40° C – 125° C Operating Temperature
  • Measures up to 500PSI (3.5MPa)
  • Max Static Pressure: 2500PSI (20MPa)
  • Linearity: ±0.25% FS
  • 1ms Response Time
  • Repeatability: ±0.075% FS
  • Long-Term Stability: ±0.5% FS/Year


  • Gas/Liquid Pressure Measurements
  • Pressure Calibrators
  • Venturi Flow Meters
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Many More Differential Pressure Applications