PPT90 Digital Differential Pressure Transducer

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Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of pressure transducers like the PPT90 series. The PPT90 differential pressure transducer is designed for  industrial applications with a variety of media (gas, air, & liquid).  This media isolated piezo-resistive pressure transducer  was designed for demanding industrial and commercial applications and has superior long term stability.  The design confirms to GB3836.4 for  Explosion Proof applications.

The PPT90 series utilizes MEMS piezo-resistive sensors packaged inside a 316SS housing which has superior long term stability and accuracy (.15% Linearity).

The PPT90 has a response time of ~1ms for fast response applications.  Please  contact us for Custom design availability.

Differential Pressure Transducer PPT90


  •   Differential Pressure – .05 PSI Resolution
  •   -10-80°C Operating Temperature
  •   +-.15% Linearity FS
  •   4-20mA , 0-5V output
  •   Line Pressure up to 3X High Side Pressure
  •   316SS Port
  •   Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas


  • Mil/Aero
  •  Industrial Automation
  •  Oil/Gas
  •  Catalytic Converter
  • Compressor
  •  Filter clogging measurement