PTSH1-0 Heat Pump NTC Temperature Probe

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The PTSH1-0 heat pump temperature sensor was specifically designed for temperature applications in the Heat Pump and industrial markets.  The stainless steel tube housing and glass encapsulated NTC allows for protection against water ingress that cause traditional temperature sensors to fail.  The simple design can be modified to meet our OEM customers challenging applications.  The low cost semi-automated manufacturing process allows for a cost effective solution.  Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of temperature sensors such as the PTSH1-0 series.

PTSH1-0 Heat Pump Temperature Sensor Specifications

  •   -40-105°C Operating Temperature
  •   +- .2C Accuracy from 0-70C
  •   NTC (10Kohm @ 25C)
  •   IP65
  •   Beta 3892
  •   Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas

PTSH1-0 Heat Pump Temperature Sensor Applications

  • Process Control
  • Water
  • SPAS
  • HVAC