PTS10 Overmolded Temperature Sensor

Overmolded Temperature Sensors

The PTS10 temperature sensor is designed for low-cost temperature applications in high humidity environments.  Applications include Refrigeration, HVAC, Semiconductor, and Industrial automation to name a few.  The overmolded temperature sensors use glass-beaded NTCs which allows for additional protection against water ingress.

Traditional temperature sensors use less expensive standard NTC (Negative Thermal Coefficient) sensing elements that allow for corrosion of the sensor in a relatively short period of time when exposed to typical outdoor environments.  The low cost automated manufacturing process allows for a cost effective solution.  The Phoenix Sensor superior design lasts 2-3 times longer in the field.


PTS10 Overmolded Temperature Sensors Specifications

  • -30-100°C Operating Temperature
  • Temperature Sensor – .1C Resolution
  • Overmolded NTC probe
  • IP67
  • Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas



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