Wireless Temperature Transducer WETS02

The WETS02 is a Bluetooth wireless temperature transducer manufactured for simple measurements on a variety of applications. This temperature sensor was designed to supply an economical solution for industrial, consumer, and commercial applications.  Fast update rate down to 5 msec. Spa Wireless Temperature Sensor

Simply download the Phoenix Sensors application from our website and connect to the device. The sensor will wake-up with any kind of vibration and will shut down automatically when it is not in use to preserve the battery. The battery version will last up 2 years in continuous (1 meas/10 sec/10 hrs a day) use. Please contact us for Custom design availability.

Water Temperature SensorThe Mobile Software enables the user to store data to evaluate later. The sensor’s on-board memory stores up to 200 hours of data for troubleshooting or evaluation of system pressure or temperature. Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of temperature transducers like the WETS02 series.

Wireless Temperature Transducer WETS02 Specifications

  • Media Temperature Range -40-150C (-40-302F)
  • Compact Size
  • Temperature Error +-.25C
  • BLE Wireless Communication (IOS)
  • Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas
  • IP65 (& IP67)
  • Auto Shut-Off (Sleep Mode)
  • 3 Sec Time Constant
  • LED Indicator

Wireless Temperature Transducer WETS02 Applications

  • Automotive Aftermarket products
  • Industrial Automation
  • HVAC
  • Spa Pumps
  • Compressor
  • Pneumatics

Wireless Temperature Transducer WETS02Pumps –Pools, Spas, Water, Hydraulic, etc.

The WETS02 is a wireless temperature transducer that can measure from -40-150C (-40-302F), so it is ideal for many Pump applications. For monitoring, the WETS02 offers temporary remote temperature measurement of any systems. The battery powered solution can last up to 12-months of continuous (1measurement/30seconds) use.


Wireless Temperature Transducer WETS02Water & Oil Temperature–Trucks, Race Cars, Vehicles

The WETS02 is a wireless temperature transducer used in a variety of liquid level applications, such as Race Cars, Trucks, Liquid Tanks,Oil tanks, and Spas. It has a wide temperature (-40-150C,350F) measuring range.


Wireless Temperature Transducer WETS02HVAC –High & Low Side of A/C

The WETS02 is a wireless temperature transducer that can measure up to 150C (302F). It is accurate and robust enough for HVAC applications; if you need temporary remote Pressure and Temperature measurement of the system this sensor is your solution.


Datasheet Download

Download WETS02 Datasheet


Datasheet Download

Download Wireless Gateway Architecture Datasheet

The sensors require the use of one of our Android or iOS apps available for download from the Google Play or iOS stores.  

We have 2 apps, WEXS Sensors ($5) which monitors up to 4 sensors and WEX-10 Sensors ($50) which monitors up to 20 sensors.

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