PTS10 Overmolded NTC High Temperature Probe

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The PTS10 temperature sensor is designed for low-cost temperature applications in high humidity environments.  Applications include Refrigeration, HVAC, Semiconductor, and Industrial automation to name a few.  The overmolded temperature sensors use glass-beaded NTCs which allows for additional protection against water ingress. Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of temperature sensors like the PTS10 series.

Traditional temperature sensors use less expensive standard NTC (Negative Thermal Coefficient) sensing elements that allow for corrosion of the sensor in a relatively short period of time when exposed to typical outdoor environments.  The low cost automated manufacturing process allows for a cost effective solution.  The Phoenix Sensor superior design lasts 2-3 times longer in the field.

PTS10 Overmolded Temperature Sensors Specifications

  • -30-100°C Operating Temperature
  • Temperature Sensor – .1C Resolution
  • Overmolded NTC probe
  • IP67
  • Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas