PLT10 Liquid Level Sensor

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The PLT10 is a submersible liquid level sensor that replaces traditional expensive hydro-static liquid level transducers. The stainless steel housing and piezo-resistive pressure sensor design allows for a highly reliable design. The PLT10 is water-proof, corrosion resistant, and shows great stability (< .2%/ year) over time. The design conforms to EXIA II CT6 for Explosion Proof applications. The PLT10 has a response time of ~3ms for fast response applications. The Phoenix Sensors PLT10 has two (Polyethylene, Polyurethane)cable choices for the harshest chemical environments. This liquid level sensor is ideal for measuring water tanks, oil wells, city water supplies, hydrology, reservoirs, ponds, or river liquid levels. Please contact us for Custom design availability. Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of liquid level sensors like the PLT10 series.

PLT10 Liquid Level Sensor Specifications

  • Liquid Level Measurements
  • IP68
  • +-.5% Linearity FS
  • 4-20mA
  • Measure up to 600 Foot deep
  • .2%FS Stability over 12 months
  • Conforms to EXIA II CT6 Explosion Proof