PLT10 Liquid Level Sensor

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The PLT10 liquid level sensor is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to expensive hydro-static liquid level transducers. This submersible sensor is housed in stainless steel and features a piezo-resistive pressure sensor design that ensures accurate and dependable liquid level measurement. Additionally, the PLT10 is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and stable over time, with a variation of less than 0.2% per year.

Designed to conform to EXIA II CT6 for explosion-proof applications, and has a fast response time of approximately 3ms, making it ideal for applications that require a quick response time. It is also available in two cable options, Polyethylene and Polyurethane, which can withstand harsh chemical environments.

This liquid level sensor is ideal for measuring liquid levels in water tanks, oil wells, city water supplies, hydrology, reservoirs, ponds, and rivers. Phoenix Sensors, a US-based manufacturer of liquid level sensors, offers custom design options for unique liquid level sensing needs.

Overall, the PLT10 liquid level sensor is a durable and reliable solution for accurate liquid level measurement. Its fast response time and corrosion-resistant properties make it suitable for various industrial and commercial applications. Whether you need to monitor liquid levels in hazardous or corrosive liquids or ensure safety in liquid storage, the PLT10 is an excellent choice.

Phoenix Sensors, a US manufacturer of liquid level sensors, produces the PLT10 series. With its reliable and durable design, the PLT10 is a top choice for accurate and cost-effective liquid level measurement in various industrial and commercial applications. Contact Phoenix Sensors for more information on the PLT10 and its applications.

PLT10 Liquid Level Sensor Specifications

  • Liquid Level Measurements
  • IP68
  • +-.5% Linearity FS
  • 4-20mA
  • Measure up to 600 Foot deep
  • .2%FS Stability over 12 months
  • Conforms to EXIA II CT6 Explosion Proof