PPS35 Digitally Compensated Pressure Sensor

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The PPS35 is an amplified digitally compensated pressure sensor in a compact 6-pin package.  This state of the art MEMS based pressure sensor  was designed for applications where size and cost are important but where the media is harsh.

The PPS35 series utilizes MEMS piezo-resistive sensors and a 14-bit sigma delta ADC ASIC.  It provides pressure of the media with a response time down to 5 ms.  Isolation from the media with a SS cap enables long term stability of the sensor in various liquid media.  Please  contact the factory for Custom design availability. Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of pressure sensors like the PPS35 series.

Digitally Compensated Pressure Sensor Specifications

  •   Back Side Die for Harsh Environment
  •   Temperature Measurement
  •   -40°C – 105°C Operating Temperature
  •   Compact Size – 6 Pin DIP
  •   ± 0.5% Linearity FS
  •   Analog or 13 Bit Digital Output – SPI/I2C
  •   Pressure Range: 50-300PSIG
  •   Resolution: .1 %
  •   Accuracy:  ± 1.5 % (+-.75% with DO)
    • (includes-Hysteresis, NL, TC, )

Digitally Compensated Pressure Sensor Applications

  •  Weather Station
  •  Small Water Pumps
  •  Sports Watches
  •  Aviation
  •  Industrial Applications