PPS43 Board Level Pressure Sensor

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The PPS43 is an amplified digitally compensated pressure sensor in a compact 8-pin package. This silicon pressure sensor was designed for harsher pressure applications.

The PPS43 series utilizes MEMS piezo-resistive sensors pressurized on the passive backside of the pressure die and is isolated from the substrate with a silicon gel for long term stability water ingress resistance, and accuracy. Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of pressure sensors such as the PPS43 series.

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Digital Pressure Sensor SpecificationsAutomated Oil/Gas Valves | Pressure Sensor

  • Differential/Gauge Pressure Sensor
  • -20°C -85°C Operating Temperature
  • Compact Size –8 Pin DIP
  • ±0.25% Linearity FS
  • 14 Bit Digital Output –SPI/I2C
  • Pressure Range: 2-150PSI
  • Resolution: .01 %
  • Output -.5-4.5V
  • Accuracy: ±1.5 % (includes-Hysteresis, NL, TC, 0-60C)

Digital Pressure Sensor ApplicationsProcess Equipment | Pressure Sensor

Application Information

The PPS43 is housed in an 8 PIN industrial plastic package with DIP or SMT leads. The covers are ABS plastic. There are several port options.

The silicon MEMS pressure sensor has a SiO2 base and is mounted to a ceramic base with RTV and is sealed with a ceramic cover. The special die attach material helps reduce the mechanical stress which results in greater stability over time and temperature.
Additional stability is gained from factory stabilization of all sensors.

Pressure port
The PPS42-2 has a strong polyethylene barbed port to protect against undue stress during manufacturing.

The pressure port is tolerant to most media including but not limited to air, gas, and most non-corrosive media.

Wetted parts
The wetted surfaces are silicon, RTV, epoxy, polyethylene and high temperature polyimide.