PRTD10 Overmolded RTD Temperature Probe

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The PRTD10 Overmolded Probe is a sensor in the PRTD10 series. The PTRD10 platinum RTD temperature sensors are designed for temperature applications requiring IP68 waterproof type sensor probes.  Using unique thermoplastic elastomer materials along with a double or triple reinforced over molding process allows for these sensors to stay in liquid indefinitely.  This protects the RTD  against virtually any water ingress.  The low-cost automated manufacturing process allows for a cost-effective solution for a highly accurate sensor.

In addition to the new PRTD10 platinum RTD sensor, we have wireless temperature sensors  such as the WETS02, NTC sensors like the PTS10, and wireless humidity/temperature sensors like the WEHS02.  We also manufacture custom temperature sensors for OEM customers as well.  Contact Phoenix Sensors application engineering for help in selecting a custom sensor for your next project. Phoenix Sensors is a US manufacturer of temperature sensors like the PRTD10 series.

Platinum RTD 1000 Overmolded Probe Specifications

  • -30-125°C Operating Temperature
  • Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor
  • Accuracy .15C (Class A,B)
  • Overmolded RTDs probe
  • IP67/IP68
  • 100ohm or 1,000ohm RTD available
  • Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas
  • Fast Response Time (<750ms in Liquid)
  • RoHS compliant