The Phoenix Sensors Wireless Sensor Gateways are advanced Bluetooth, USB, wireless, and Cellular Sensor gateways allowing customers flexibility in monitoring sensor applications, save data, and receive alert notifications.   The advanced IoT security format and flexibility allow our customers to meet their most challenging applications needs.  Customers can monitor up to 50 Phoenix Sensors wireless sensors.


Simple to use web interface and mobile applications allow you to configure and access the gateway, as well as other devices on the network if you choose.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wireless Sensors

PSBW Commercial BLE to WIFI (10T)
Bluetooth, Wifi
Wireless Bluetooth Gateway WEXS-BLE-AN
The WEXS-BLE-AN is a wireless Bluetooth gateway that can connect up to four of our WEPS04 and/or WETS02 sensors. This gateway uses the Bluetooth Low Energy version 4.2 protocol for communication. The range goes all the way up to 300 feet, ensuring a good connection.

Long (1000FT) Range (900MHZ) Wireless Gateways

PS9W Long Range 900MHZ to Ethernet Gateway
Bluetooth, WiFi
PS9C Long Range 900MHZ to Cellular Gateway
Bluetooth, Cellular
PS9U Long Range 900MHZ to USB Gateway
Bluetooth, USB

Ultra Long (2500FT) Range (2.4GHZ) Wireless Sensors

PS6W Ultra Long Range 2.4Ghz to Analog Output Gateway
The IPS6W-1 is a single channel receiver designed to pair with the WEPS06 series of wireless pressure transducers to form a cost effective replacement of the traditional wired pressure transducer. This offers a low cost solution to inaccessible or expensive installation environment The receiver has a user selectable voltage or mA output corresponding to the calibrated pressure range of the remote Wireless Pressure Transducer. The PS6W-1 also offers a 5A rated Relay out for alarm functionality.

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