Phoenix Sensors has set the bar for pressure sensor products. Our offering includes transducers, sensors, sensing elements, wireless monitoring, and the ability to monitor the data from your phone or computer. What makes our pressure products unique is our miniature size options, high accuracy (.05%) options, and our long term reliability. Our engineering team has worked in a number of industries including the military, aerospace, medical, industrial, commercial, semiconductor, and oil/gas. Utilizing specialized ASIC designs to digitize our MEMS sensing elements, enables our engineering team to provide specific designs for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) customers.  Phoenix Sensors’ US based engineering team and manufacturing line allows our team to provide a streamline approach from Prototypes to production parts with the highest quality. Phoenix Sensors also manufactures for our higher volume customers in China. We can say with confidence that Phoenix Sensors can provide solutions to your problems when it comes to monitoring pressure.  Contact us for your custom solution.